Meet Our Team


Jennifer Gordon

Bio soon to come!


Julie Brown

Julie is our Office Manager. She takes care of multiple administrative task including corresponding with donors. Julie’s family moved to the Charlotte North Carolina area for her husband’s job. She is originally from the Houston Texas area. While she’ll always have Texas in her heart, the move to North Carolina has been an exciting and enjoyable adventure. Becoming part of the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue family has provided an amazing opportunity to continue this adventure. Not only has it allowed her to use her administrative background, it has allowed her to contribute to her love of animals and nature.
Growing up Julie’s family always rescued domestic animals, and helped get wildlife help when needed. She has continued this tradition with her own family. Her family was an active foster household that helped foster and rehome dogs back in Texas.
Julie has always had a love for animals and nature. She grew up on acreage in a rural area with many types of animals. You could say that it was a small farm, but in reality all the animals were pets. Currently her family shares their home with several rescued and adopted pets. They include two dogs, two cats, two Jackson chameleons, six parakeets, two cockatiels, and a large fish aquarium. Anyone who knows Julie realizes animals are a very important part of her life. Julie said “When it comes to rescue and rehabilitation of animals there is always so much to learn. I feel lucky that I have been given an opportunity to work for an organization where I can contribute and expand my knowledge for this cause.”


Rebecca Biles-Davis

Rebecca Biles-Davis

Rebecca owns a farm in Chesterfield SC and has many personal animals. She have 3 grown sons and a fiancé who has two grown children. She was born and raised in Ellerbe NC, a little town with one stoplight. Her Grandparents raised her and always taught her to love and respect animals and never mistreat them.

Rebecca knew she wanted to work with animals and make their lives better. She started volunteering for the Humane Society at a young age. As an adult she became a member of the Board. She was also the Cruelty Officer in the county for the Humane Society. She was a professional groomer for many years. She gave up grooming to become the Director of the Humane Society and was later hired as the Director of the same shelter when the county took over operations.

She has also ran an open intake shelter in SC. She hold many certifications in North and South Carolina that include Managing Animal Welfare, Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Planning, Managing Shelter Health. She is certified in CPR/AED, First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens as well as Certified Rabies Vaccinator in North Carolina. Rebecca is also a Certified North Carolina and South Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitator as well as a Wildlife Damage Control Agent for the State of North Carolina.

She loves Carolina Waterfowl for numerous reasons but my number one is they give every animal a chance to fight and survive!! For her Animal Welfare is not a career it’s a PASSION!


Jeffrey Gordon

Jeffrey is our Informations Systems Manager. He grew up in the Charlotte area and graduated from Porter Ridge High School. He took a job after graduation and moved to Florida where he was quickly promoted to Director of Technology. He has moved back to Charlotte to finish his degree and works part time at the rescue. 

In between IT work he helps with rescues and animal care. It's not unusual to find him mucking stalls or filling feed cans. 

He has a love of reptiles and his favorite animal at the rescue is Frankie the goose.


Daniel Kelley

Daniel is a long time Indian Trail resident. He was raised with dogs and cats and hadnt had much exposure to other animals. He is a full time electrical engineering student at UNC and a Marine reservist. 

He took a summer job at the rescue as a farm hand and had no idea how the animals would change his life. He loves working at CWR and was recently promoted to our outside Animal Care Manager. He has a fondness for Godzilla and muscovys but he was surprised at the personalities of all the animals and how much he enjoys them. 

CWR is proud to have Daniel on staff and we accommodate his school and military schedule. We fully support hiring veterans and military. 


María José Brenes

Maria is our Inside Animal Care Manager. She administers medications and treatments to animals as well as does record keeping and managing animal care. 

Maria grew up in Costa Rica and was always the kid bringing home abandoned dogs and cats. She was moved to help them and felt she had a special connection. Luckily her mother shared her passion and together they rescued multiple animals from the streets, brought them back to health and found forever homes for them. 

Eventually Maria moved to the states because of her husbands job, and managed to bring all ten of her animal companions with her. She immediately started looking for a place to volunteer, specifically something that had to do with animals. She found Carolina Waterfowl Rescue and fell in love with it. She had never been around farm or wild animals (She is a professional makeup artist!) but was was immediately swooned. 

After volunteering for a couple years she was hired as an animal care manager. Her life has forever been changed by this rescue and the animals that go through it’s doors everyday. You may have noticed already but Maria has a soft spot for chickens and you will often see her in pictures on our page with the chickens she loves. She naturally had to adopt, so her family grew by four feathered members with awesome personalities, sweetness and a great sense of humor. She couldn’t have dreamed of something more meaningful to do with my life than to work at a place like CWR.


Bayleigh MacHaffie

Staff Rehabilitator 

Bayleigh grew up in western Massachusetts. Even though she only had a pug and a few fish, she knew she wanted to work with animals. She loved dogs and cats but felt a strong urge to work with other animals that didn’t get as much attention. 

Like most people she didnt even realize Wildlife rehabilitation was a career path. After many months of research, she followed her passion for wildlife to Lees-McRae College in Banner Elk, North Carolina, where she double majored in Wildlife Biology with a concentration in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Psychology. 

For the entirety of her college career she worked at the May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Eventually becoming a mentor and then teaching others how to care for injured and orphaned wildlife native to the mountains of NC. Upon graduating in December of 2016, she moved back to Massachusetts and took a position working as a Veterinary Assistant at a local small animal veterinary office. 

Prior to working at CWR she had completed internships working with the Animal Rescue Clinic at Mystic Aquarium hand-rearing Harbor Seals, with White Oak Conservation Center caring for endangered Rhinos/Ungulates, and with the Florida Keys Wild Bird Center working as the wildlife hospital intern.

In August of 2018, Bayleigh and her boyfriend returned to North Carolina where he had been offered a job position. Coincidentally, this happened to be the same time that a position opened up at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Bayleigh now works here full-time and volunteers at the Carolina Raptor Center in her off time. 

Bayleigh is also a Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator with the IWRC and is rabies vaccinated.


Carrie Reavis

Carrie is a NC native and has been with CWR for around 7 years now. She started out as a volunteer and after 5 years she was hired onto the staff. 

Carrie has always had a love for all animals as far back as she can remember. Many times, her mom told her that, as a small child, she would find her asleep under the shrubs with their cats and kittens. 

She grew up with dogs and cats, the occasional hamster and guinea pig, but never had much to do with waterfowl or other birds until she started volunteering. 

At CWR she found out how much personality and intelligence these creatures possess. She has grown to love so many of them and it breaks her heart to know how they are treated and abused. 

Carrie works a day job at the hospital and is a part time shift leader at CWR. She enjoys being part of such a wonderful organization and working with so many dedicated people.


Keenan Freitas

Keenan grew up on a small farm in Hilo, Hawaii. Knowing he wanted to pursue a career with animals and the environment, he elected to attend Lees-McRae College and acquired a Bachelors of Science in Wildlife Biology and a Concentration in Wildlife Rehabilitation. 

While attending college, Keenan worked at the School’s May Wildlife Rehabilitation Center gaining hands on wildlife rehabilitation skills. 

Keenan also worked at Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, North Carolina where they have a large waterfowl collection as well as a very good captive breeding program for endangered species of waterfowl; learning the ropes of aviculture.

Reptiles also play a huge part of Keenans life weather its in a rehabilitation setting, conservation, or admiration out in the wild. He decided to do his senior research omega on a fungus that is wiping snake populations out on the eastern seaboard called Snake Fungal Disease. He helped created some of the first range maps of the fungi and helped create a treatment regimens for snakes undergoing rehabilitation. After collaborating with lead researchers in the country about the disease, his case study of a female king snake’s vertical transmission will be published in an upcoming USGS paper regarding the disease. 
After graduating collegs, he worked at Black River Outdoors Center as an Eco Tour Guide on the saltmarshes of Murrels Inlet, cypress swamps of Cox Ferry Lake and the Waccamaw River educating visitors and locals about the avian and reptile kin that inhibit these habitats.

During this time he started working at the Center for Birds of Prey as the Avian Medical Technician. Where he specializes in treating injured raptors and shorebirds. After nearly a year and a half, he moved to Charlotte and accepted a job at CWR. He is ready for a new journey in life.