Local bird rehabbers listed on map. Mammal rehabbers listed below map.


Need help with an Animal other than a Bird?

Squirrels, Bunnies, Possums or other mammals call:

ARC - 704-552-2329 - ALL Mammals

NC Wildlife Rehab - 980-389-0015 (Lincolton) - All Mammals

Barbara Rooney - 973-296-7808 (Monroe) - No bunnies but accepts all others

Angela - 704-942-7744 (Monroe) - All Mammals

Ruby Davis - 704-877-3037 (Mt Island/Charlotte) - Bunnies and Turtles

Roseann - 704-929-4569 (Statesville) - Small Mammals

Fawns or Deers:

Union County - Lisa Dilworth - 704-737-8830

Lincoln County - NC Wildlife Rehab - 980-389-0015

Statesville - Sandy Hagen - 704-881-1078

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All turtles go to Ruby Davis 704-877-3037 (Mt Island) - We can accept at CWR turtles for triage in some cases

Also look up you county on the NC Wildlife website and find a licensed wildlife rescuer:

Need another County or State? NC Link or SC Link to wildlife rehabbers